Solid wood

Legno MasselloBeams and solid wood are derived directly from the trunks and have the main features of elasticity, strength and durability. These elements are useful in the manufacturing processes such as sawing, planing on the faces and working in the corners, so that you do not alter either the natural characteristics of the living wood or structural features. It is pure wood 100% and, in harmony with nature, is recyclable and reusable.

The hydroscopic nature of solid wood makes the atmosphere of the areas where it is placed healthy and balanced. With the passage of time, the aging of the wood brings out typical characteristics of solid wood such as for example small cracks and colour variations that give these elements of uniqueness and authenticity. Each kind of wood (chestnut, oak, fir, Douglas fir, larch, etc.) have some wonderful and typical grain and knots that can only be seen and admired in solid wood.
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The solid wood strips can be used to complete and cover the roof and floors and are particularly suitable for exposed structures; also perfectly apply to lofts and for covering exsiting walls. The main species are: chestnut, oak, fir and larch. It may have various thicknesses and lengths, with the possibility of interlocking male-female or overlapping flaps, with or without chamfering. Classification is also possible for the structural use of the strips themselves.


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