Renzetti Legnami, passion for wood

"If the purpose of a job is only one’s own making money, it cannot lead to the best result. Since 1974 our craftmanlike tradition and technological innovation in the production and installation of structures in both solid timber and glulam."

Wood has always been used in construction; recently its features and the advantages of this material are more and more appreciated: light weight, sound and heat insulation, environmental and economic sustainability. Wood is particularly suitable for renovation projects since its low specific weight reduces the load on the bearing structures. Its light weight combined with its natural characteristics produce an excellent performance in case of fire and earthquake. Roofs, walls, beams and wooden pillars are outstanding sound and heat insulation, and provide quieter and less expensive homes to be heated. Almost all of European forests is subject to constraints of environmental protection, therefore their management grants its steady growth, ensuring that the number of trees planted is higher than the trees cut.


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