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Wooden houses

Wooden House The demand of an ever changing market and above all the will of Renzetti Timbers to offer a complete service to its customers has led the company to offer buildings built in green building (especially for civil use housing), equipping itself with adequate internal technical assistance and in collaboration with engineers, architects and surveyors. The wooden houses can be built in structural and architectural solutions chosen by the client and the designer and respond to the up to date standards of the structural strength, ecology, bio-architecture and savings energy. The wooden constructions, as well as for new structures, are very advantageous, for the volumetric expansion and for the superelevation. This especially thanks to the lightness of the raw material, "wood", that guarantees stability and earthquake resistance. The integrability of the wood with buildings adjacent or underlying guarantees the high degree of compatibility of wood with other building materials.
On the wooden houses market it offers the opportunity to build them with various structural types: Block-House, Platform Frame (frame + panel), in frame, X-lam. Renzetti Timbers is able to accompany you in the decision-making stages of design, helping you to assess the best solution for your needs, and then being able to provide the material to make your structure to the desired type, whatever it is. Tetto in legno In addition, through selected partners, we are able to build your house from the ground up to the last detail of finish, giving you a single point of contact to talk to, to achieve the home of your dreams.

Sistema anticaduta casa Renzetti Timbers, in step with the times, has included within its structure professionals' with experience in the wood structures sector. We can assist designers, without much experience, in dealing with the design of a building. We are capable of proposing design solutions to be more efficient from a structural point of view and economically advantageous. The use of specialized software for the wooden structures combined with decades of experience in the industry, Renzetti Timbers ensure the Best Technical Achievement practical in every job entrusted to our company, making your ideas become reality.

Piastra in acciaio Sistema isolante tetto The offer of Renzetti Timbers also extends to systems for:
A) thermal and acoustic insulation. The protection of buildings from cold winter temperatures and strong hot ensure a pleasant indoor climate, while the acoustic solutions help to improve the living comfort. Wood fiber, rock wool, mineralized wood wool, polyurethane foam, extruded polystyrene, are some of the products used by our company.
B) waterproofing and air tightness and water casing (barriers and vapor retarders, breathable sheets, bituminous membranes slated or smooth, welded or self-adhesive), including accessories for sealing and ventilation.

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